Although nobody in Ireland was watching it last night because of the Toy Show, it's quite possible you missed out on one of the best Graham Norton episodes of the year so far.

On the big red couch with Graham was, Jamie Oliver, Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. Pratt is always a reliable guest and so to is Lawrence, but when you put them together, it's always going to be special and last night was no exception.

The key point of interest was a six-minute card trick by Pratt which, it has to be said, didn't seem like it was going anywhere. Really. The build-up was excruciatingly awkward because you could see Pratt's mind working overtime to get the trick - or maybe he was acting?

He's an actor, after all. This could be all part of the trick.

Either way, the build-up was immense and the pay-off was just spectacular. Take a look.


Via YouTube