As we said earlier, it's an Irish couch tonight on Graham Norton with Chris O'Dowd and Colin Farrell representing Roscommon and Castleknock alongside Rachel Weisz and Dawn French.

O'Dowd, who's basically a fairly big deal in the 'oul Hollywood business, was on talking about the time he and his wife, Dawn O'Porter, encountered none other than Brad Pitt at the BAFTAs.

As Chris explains it, his wife Dawn clutched Brad Pitt's fingers for a total of.... 41 seconds. Kinda odd that she'd remember that number, in fairness.

Take a look.

We'll admit, it's not often one gets to hold the hand of an international superstar like Pitt, so we're guessing it was a special moment for O'Porter.

Also, if we had cutlery belonging to Bradley Cooper, there's no way we'd part with it. We'd probably try clone him from the saliva so we'd have a Bradley Cooper spare to hang out with.


Via YouTube