We thought this was going to be a chat show type buzz but it looks like Netflix and Chelsea Handler have other ideas.

When Chelsea Handler announced that her E! chat show 'Chelsea Lately' was coming to an end and that she'd signed a deal with Netflix we all expected her to copy either her own format for that show or maybe do a few stand-up specials a la Aziz Ansari but it turns out Handler's first move on the streaming service will be to show off her "serious side".

'Chelsea Does' will be a four-part documentary series in which Handler will be "exploring a range of subjects of personal and universal fascination, from marriage to drugs, to racism and Silicon Valley", and while she doth protest in the teaser that she'll be taking the subjects seriously, knowing her, we doubt it's going to be Louis Theroux from start to finish. Maybe Louis Theroux meets 'An Idiot Abroad'? Not we think she's an idiot, more that we know what she gets up to.

If you're unfamiliar with what she does in fact get up to, you can Handler's stand up show "Uganda Be Kidding Me Live" on Netflix now. As for 'Chelsea Does', well you'll just have to wait until January for its exclusive premiere.