It's really great to see Charlie Sheen sober and coherent and reminds us that, when he wants to be, he can be as witty, charming, intelligent and sometimes hilarious as we always knew him to be.

Last night saw Sheen on the couch with Graham Norton discussing a number of issues, including his own battles with drugs and was fairly well able to laugh about his own troubles in the past. One story, however, was about meeting Donald Trump and a pair of platinum cufflinks that were given to him by the would-be US President.

We'll let him tell the story in his own inimitable way.

Is that not the perfect metaphor for Donald Trump? When you put it under a microscope, it's nothing more than cheapy, tacky awfulness stamped with the word 'TRUMP' all over it. Amazing stuff.

Sheen went on, talking about his 'shame shivers' and his period when he was winning and being on tiger's blood, being as honest as he could be. Like we said, it's good to see him back on track and looking healthy.

Here's hoping we get a Hot Shots Part Three at some point in the near future, so.