Well this was just a misunderstanding of the highest order. Yesterday, viewers were horrified to learn that Celebrity Big Brother had shown Angie Bowie's reaction to her ex-husband's death on camera, but last night, things took an even further turn into cuckoo land.

Basically, Angie Bowie emerged from the diary room upset after hearing the news, and ended up confiding in fellow housemate (and resident drama queen) Tiffany Pollard with the words 'David is dead'.

Unfortunately for all concerned, there is a David in the house too, former spouse of Liza Minnelli David Gest, which is who Tiffany thought Angie meant. Queue HYSTERICS.

Housemates then discovered David Gest sleeping soundly in his bed, and a Celebrity Big Brother shit storm ensued as Pollard thought Angie had just made it up. Thankfully, former EastEnders star John Partridge was on hand to reign things in, with housemates eventually copping on just which 'David' Angie was talking about, and all rallied around her, with Tiffany eventually apologising.

Phew. What a drama.

Kind of hilarious though.

You can see the full episode here; 

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