Were you watching I'm a Celebrity last night? Tense times! Think the rest of the camp mates would have rathered a bush tucker trial than to have sat through this particular bust up.

It all kicked off as Kendra Wilkinson was having a moment with Michael Buerk and a few of the other camp mates talking about her life and the choices she's made, and ended up saying that you should never live your life for other people. Happy days, lovely words, everyone bow to the wise Kendra.

Well not Edwina, who basically sat up in her bed and called bullsh*t, stating that Kendra should be thinking of her kids too. Fair point, although don't think that's quite what Kendra meant.

Either way, the former Playboy model just exploded and all sorts of foulmouthed abuse came hurling out of her mouth, telling Edwina she should 'shut the f*ck up and go back to sleep where you belong'. JAYSUS. Bit harsh like.

Edwina was hardly rattled at all though, this woman has worked for the Iron Lady after all.

Take a look at all the horrible awkwardness unfolding below...