If you happened to catch Channel 4's annual Big Fat Quiz of the Year the other night, you'll be aware that one of the highlights of the entire show was Jon Snow's dancing.

The Channel 4 newsreader (rather than the Game of Thrones character) is always up for a laugh, and he participated in a 'guess the lyrics' segment which saw him read the words of Justin Timberlake's huge hit from this year, 'Can't Stop the Feeling!'.

Once the song answer had been revealed, he exhibited his finest dance moves by basically lepping around the studio like a mad ting and making it impossible for anyone watching not to smile.

You know what this means: either a new show called 'Jon Snow's Dance-Off' or at the very least a slot on next year's Strictly Come Dancing.

The glorious clip is now online and you can watch it below (click to play):