If you were just watching the Saturday Night Show, you'll have seen what we're talking about.

Brendan O'Connor was interviewing Labour TD Aodhan O'Riordain about his time as a politician and his plans for the National Drugs Strategy. During the interview, Brendan stopped him and asked him to remove a pin on his jacket.

Initially taken aback, the TD complied and then announced that it was a 'Yes' pin, to which O'Connor replied, "You've just made it worse."


There's already been a significant backlash against RTE and Brendan O'Connor since the event.


RTE recently issued an internal communique to its staff and contractors to refrain from discussing or campaigning on behalf of either side of the campaign, due to the issue of balance in the national broadcaster.

In 2013, Brendan O'Connor's interview with drag queen Panti Bliss became national headlines when members of the Iona Institute brought legal action against RTE. The state broadcaster paid out €85,000 to the members involved.



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