Whether you love or hate Mrs. Brown, there's simply no denying that its creator - Brendan O'Carroll - had a fantastic show on last night's Graham Norton.

Joined on the red couch by Cheryl Cole, 80's legend Don Johnson and fellow comedian John Bishop, O'Carroll was on to promote his new film Mrs. Brown's Boys: D'Movie.

Pretty much from the get-go, Don Johnson had a hard time trying to follow the conversation. After all, he was sat between a Dub, a Geordie, a Scouse and a Corkman. It'd get confusing for anyone - never mind Crockett from Miami Vice.

Norton brought up the fact that almost all of the crew on Mrs. Brown's Boys are either related to him or friends from many moons ago, explaining that one of the cast-members used to be a window cleaner whom he met in the Rathmines Inn and another is his sister.

The final response, we have to admit, is just a classic Dubliner's response that had everyone howling. Bravo, Brendan. Fair play to you, in fairness.