January is a grim month, so thank whatever TV Gods are out there for the return of HBO's 'Girls', the only beacon of light in an otherwise depressing month.

As season 4 of Lena Dunham's hit show returns, we're left with everyone dealing with the consequences of everything that went down last year (Hannah's college opportunities, Marnie's burgeoning music career, Shoshana not getting to graduate and finding out about Marnie and Ray etc.), but what that's going to bring is anyone's guess as Dunham is never one to play things out in cliches.

What we do is that Adam's sister, played by the impeccable Gaby Hoffman, is back, as is Desi and his crooning, and that Dunham's Hannah is very much moving her life out of New York and away from the scene we know and love.

We'll find out the rest when Girls returns to our screens on Sky Atlantic in January. For now, we'll just have to savour what we can from this short trailer.

Via YouTube