If last night's couch was anything to go by, this season of Graham Norton is going to be huge.

Joining Hollywood legend Robert Duvall on the Red Couch was his co-star Robert Downey Jr., the one and only Stephen Fry and four lads from Glasnevin who had an album out a few weeks ago that people were getting worked up about.

U2 or something? Not sure. Anyways.

Bono was on talking about, amongst other things, the actual real reason why he wears sunglasses all the time. We initially thought it was just a thing for looks - well, we say looks, but really they look awful. Just. Awful.

Well, as the video will show, it's actually quite serious. But do we feel bad about calling him a pillock for wearing sunglasses all the time?


Also, hair plugs. HAIR PLUGS.