As a comedic talent, Bill Hader's work post-SNL has been interesting to follow.

You had the likes of Trainwreck, with Amy Schumer, Inside Out, with Amy Poehler, and then random appearances in the likes of Sausage Party, The BFG, and Power Rangers. That's right. Bill Hader was in the Power Rangers reboot. Crazy.

Well, it seems like he's settled on something that's clearly a passion project for him, as the first trailer for Barry has landed online - and what's more, IMDb lists Hader as directing a number of episodes in the series as well. Hader plays a seasoned assassin who somehow gets the acting bug in Los Angeles and becomes involved in the local theatre scene, all while balancing his career on top of it.

Sounds like Grosse Pointe Blank meets that episode of The Sopranos when Christopher Moltisanti takes acting lessons. It could work, right?

Barry hits HBO and Sky Atlantic in Spring 2018.