This actually might be too much of a tearjerker of a Monday afternoon, so we apologise in advance.

Big Brother had quite the surprise in stir for housemates yesterday when they had a few of their significant others show up to surprise them. In what was set up as a task for the house, Emma, Andy, Laura and Evelyn were told to go to the garden to stand in booths, and not turn around when they heard who was there.

Needless to say, they failed miserably, but they definitely weren't bothered.

First off, Emma heard the voice of her boyfriend Josh, who had only opened his mouth when Emma was running into his arms. Next up, Laura heard from her long-lost love Bernardo, who she was totally shell-shocked to see in the house.

Finally though, it was Andy's emotional reunion with Irish boyfriend Ed that really tugged on the heartstrings, as the pair pretty much both proposed to one another at the same time.

You can see their first meeting below, while the proposal is next video down...

Irish housemate Hughie also got a surprise birthday visit from his mammy...