Hey BeyBey, hey BeyBey hey! That's probably not what Oprah's gonna say when Beyonce joins her on Oprah's Next Chapter this Saturday but we can dream. They are old gal pals after all.

The show will be heading out the same night as Beyonce's much hyped HBO documentary, airing on OWN at 8pm on February 16th before Life Is But A Dream debuts at 9pm. Mrs Carter (we're going with it, sure isn't she using the married name for the world tour?) will be chatting all about her big Super Bowl half-time show and telling Oprah what it was like to direct a documentary about herself.

As you can see, Life is But A Dream takes us into Beyonce's world, from her childhood home in Houston, to the media storm that surrounded the birth of her babba, Blue Ivy Carter. No stone is left unturned as Bey tells us all about life on the road, reveals the realities of the celebrity lifestyle and shares the joy that she gets from being a mammy.

HBO don't think we're ready for this jelly though, so we'll have to wait until someone in Europe snaps it up to watch it ourselves.