What is it with celebrities looking like animals?

We have categorical proof that Michael Fassbender looks like a shark, so it goes that Benedict Cumberbatch looks like an otter. In fact, last night's Graham Norton (yes, it wasn't all just about the Toy Show last night) put this thesis under scrutiny.

Cumberbatch was confronted with several pictures of himself as an otter before he recreated a few of his own with the help of Johnny Depp. We also found that Johnny Depp is deathly afraid of giant teddy bears because... well, we'll need to find that out.

We're guessing he had some traumatic experience as a child with one because, y'know, that s*** stays with you. For real.

We're fully expecting that moment when Depp gets up and walks away to become a meme in the near future.

Also, what was up with beating the teddy bear around afterwards? And why did Depp go for the teddy bear's junk almost immediately?

So many questions.


Via YouTube