Last night saw Ben Stiller joined on Graham Norton's couch by Elton John, Jack Black, Penelope Cruz and Owen Wilson.

Since Stiller, Wilson and Cruz were on banging the drum for Zoolander 2, the question of exactly how Stiller does the Blue Steel look come up. No surprise, of course, that it basically involves emptying out your mind and just pursing your lips together. Sort of.

Also, check out Elton John throwing a low-key dig at Victoria Beckham while he's on.

Of course, because it's Zoolander and the like, selfie sticks were involved - including the huge one they supposedly built for the premiere earlier that day. Again, key to point out that Elton John clearly doesn't give a toss about standing in for pictures whatsoever. Why would he? He's Elton John, everybody knows who he is.

Y'know, there's probably a joke in there about how many celebrities does it take to use a selfie stick. Answers on a postcard if you can come up with one.


Via YouTube