You might think Ben Affleck looks unengaged, tired and disinterested every time he's on TV when he's doing press.

As it turns out from watching Graham Norton last night, it's a recurring theme with him and he's been doing it for years. As is customary, Norton's team of researchers have burrowed out some old footage of Affleck when he was but a wee gossun' and presenting educational videos for schoolkids.

Yes, really. Ben Affleck was one of those really precocious kids who turned up on educational videos and explained things in a really condescending way.

Think like one of those Billy Barry kids from the Late Late Toy Show explaining how a toy worked.

That's Ben Affleck in a nutshell. Take a look.

Hey, it can't be worse than his acting in Pearl Harbour or Armageddon.

As well as this, Batfleck also told a lovely story about his children got a cold off the future King of England, Prince George, which sounds cool, but it's all quite innocuous really.



Via YouTube