As ads for chewing gum go, this is pretty bizarre - in a "I'm using my telekinetic powers to relieve you of your chewing gum and, by default, your clothes" kind of way. Hey, at least it kept the proverbial wolf away from Aaron Paul's door for no less than two years. Yep, two whole years - and all he had to do was let a man will his pants off in a clinical environment. 

Speaking on Conan last night, the actor said of the ad in question: "That paid all my bills for almost two years. It was one commercial, but it had no dialogue in it. So they were able to sell the commercial to multiple countries. And so, I would get residuals every 13 weeks. When they stopped playing that commercial, it was such a loud reality check. 'Oh my God, I need to get a job!'"

Thankfully, given the proliferation of spoons, pulsating inanimate objects, mind-altering scenarios, the startling lack of pants, and the lack of dialogue, this ad was the perfect precursor to Breaking Bad