BBC's Breakfast host Susanna Reid caused quite the stir on Twitter after she got flirty in an interview with Alex Turner from Artic Monkeys. The 42 year old presenter could not stop playing with her hair and giggling as she interviewed the Artic Monkey's frontman. In fairness we can't say we blame her. Reid who is partaking in this year's Strictly Come Dancing told Alex she thought he looked good on the dancefloor, to which he responded with, 'Of course... I should have been the one that said you look good on the dance floor.' Charmer! 

After the show aired viewers took to the old Twitter machine to voice their opinions. 'Just watched that Susanna Reid & Alex Turner interview. Jesus Christ.. The tension,' one user tweeted. 'Susanna Reid and Alex Turner's interview is the best thing I've seen in a while #sexualtension, said another. While a possible jealous fan wrote, 'Susanna Reid is absolute filth'. Can't work out if that's a compliment or insult! Anyway you can watch the interview for yourself below.

The Artic Monkeys have just released their new album AM which has received rave reviews. You can read our review here.