Despite the fact that they've killed his character off, it looks like Charlie Sheen might be back for one last appearance in Two and a Half Men.

With the show coming to a permanent end this season, it sounds like the folks behind Two and a Half Men have some plans to bring him back for the finale...or at least they might, according to what Ashton Kutcher said (or didn't say) on Ellen. 

The leading man of the show didn't want to give too much away when quizzed about the season finale, but when Ellen flat out asked him if Charlie was coming back, he didn't say anything. Instead, he made an awkward face and a hand gesture that suggested that Sheen would be back for one more show and confirmed our suspicions that he has a terrible poker face.

It will be interesting to see how they pull this one off, and to see exactly what lured Sheen back after he left the show in a very public way a few years back.