Arrested Development returns this Sunday on Netflix (May 26th), and what better what to pass the time between now and then than with this amazing supercut of the show's best running gags?

From GOB's failed magic tricks to George Michael's poor forgettable girlfriend Anne, "no touching" to the chicken dance, they're all in there. We could say more, but sure isn't it better to just sit back, relax, and laugh of a Wednesday morning?

Cheers Slacktory, you've certainly made our morning. All together now: STEVE HOLT! Speaking of Steve, Justin Wade, the man who brings him to life, told TMZ that he's planning to throw a massive party to celebrate the big Netflix launch. We hear his LA apartment will packed with friends who want to "get crazy" while watching the episodes his character appears in...

Catch Season 4 of Arrested Development on Netflix from 8.01am on May 26th.