Although it's been away from our screens for what feels like an eternity, we won't have much longer to wait for new Archer.

The new season lands on US screens on April 5th and, by the looks of things, there's an entirely new take on the series. Although Archer dropped the whole spy game before for Archer Vice, this seems like a complete departure from what's come before.

Archer: Dreamland appears to be set in Los Angeles during the '30s, with Archer working as private detective, his mother Mallory is a crime boss, Lana is a nightclub singer and the whole thing centres on Archer discovering the murderer of his former partner, Wodehouse.

Not only that, Barry Dylan's in there as well and you've also got Cyril Figgis, Ray Gillette and Cheryl Tunt - albeit in weird, noir-inspired alter egos. The exact reason for the time shift hasn't been explained, but most speculate it has something to do with Archer ending up in a coma at the end of the last season.

Take a look at the trailer.