Last night saw the return of Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway and, to be honest, their inaugural prank was a good one.

Honestly, it went into a pretty dark place towards the end, but the setup was so ripe for James Corden to have a complete and utter shit-attack that it was almost too good to watch.

As always, the prank began with something pretty innocuous. In this case, Ant & Dec made Corden extremely late for work by blocking him at the entrance to CBS' carpark and putting someone in his spot inside the carpark itself.

So far, so pedestrian. However, when the makeup went on, that's when things got a little bit darker. And then a lot darker.

Take a look.

You'd have to wonder whether he knew or not. If this was done in England, sure, he'd have clocked them straight away. In the US, maybe not so much.

Still, pretty decent kick off to the season for the 'oul Saturday Night Takeaway.


Via YouTube