It was pretty much Hollywood's worst kept secret for the last three years that Spider-Man co-stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were dating. The pair have done a marvelous job on denying it in a hundred different ways on this press tour, but have recently opened up more about it expressing their fairly obvious mutual admiration. You may have seen Emma Stone on Jimmy Fallon during the week for what turned out to be a fairly epic lip-synching battle with host the host but Andrew Garfield managed to put in quite the performance himself last night.

Turns out the star of The Amazing Spider Man 2 is not just a one-trick pony (or... spider?) and can actually hold a tune and play guitar too. No better man than Jimmy Fallon to take advantage of this knowledge - he presented the actor with a guitar during the interview to perform a little song for the audience, and that he most certainly did.

Garfield went for a rendition of the old Spider-Man theme song, and fair to say, he nailed it!

Watch below;