Watching Mary Berry get emotional on a grim Tuesday morning is enough to push you over the edge but in a good way.

The former judge on 'The Great British Bake Off' received the Outstanding Achievement Award at last night's TV Choice Awards for her contribution to television and made an emotional speech in which she thanked all of those around her who helped throughout her career, saying that she intends "to go on for a long time".

"I'm very honoured, actually," she told press afterwards.

"It's very exciting and very rewarding but it really goes to all the people around me, who support me, all the people who've helped me over all these years, because it's not just me."

You can watch Berry's speech below.

Berry was also quizzed about her thoughts on the new season of the show after its move to Channel 4, admitting that she's watched it and saying "It’s followed the same format, and it’s going to be brilliant."

Like we could have expected her to say anything other than nice things.