*Spoilers below*

We all know who that 'somebody' is at this stage, it's almost been a year, the world and their mother know what happened to Jon Snow at the end of season five.

While we're all extremely hopeful (and just downright assuming) Snow will be in season six some how, one person has a lot riding on it. Actress Amanda Peet, wife of Game of Thrones co-creator and showrunner David Benioff, was on the Today Show recently and it seems she is just as much in the dark about Jon Snow's fate as the rest of us, but she is going to be pretty pissed with her other half if the character doesn't return.

When asked about her marriage to Benioff she said; “Yeah, and I hope that I’ll stay married to him after this season begins," she joked. "Because if I don’t see Jon Snow living and breathing and talking …"

Adding that she understood why fans were so unhappy with season five finale saying; "They shouldn’t be and I’m not happy either. It’s ridiculous and it's not good."

Here, here Peet!

The pair have been married for ten years and have three children together, so you know, just saying Benioff - you have a lot riding on this. Give the people what they want.