So everyone has been pestering you to watch Breaking Bad, but you've been putting it off because it's just too much of a time commitment? Well there's a solution for you. 

If you've been avoiding Breaking Bad up to this point, then well done, you've showed an impressive steely determination. However, we feel that we should warn you that given its recent success at the Emmy Awards, you're probably in line for a whole new wave of harassment as your friends convince you that you're missing out. 

But we understand that you're busy; that ironing isn't going to do itself, the plant needs a watering, someone has to make the lasagne, all of these things require time, a precious commodity, and committing to five seasons of a TV series is no small feat. 

Well, how about just two hours then, as one YouTube user Jason Grzybowski has made a cinematic recap (or supercut) of Breaking Bad in less than 120 minutes that he's labelled a 'refreshment'. Grab a Coke, heat up some popcorn and take the evening off to watch this. Then you can finally tell your mates to just shut up, you get it already. Or alternatively, if you've already seen it, relive the best bits all in a row without having to take a week off work.

Spoilers ahoy, obviously, and there will be another, longer video (a director's cut, you might call it) that will feature the very end of the series.

Via Unilad