You've really got to give credit to SNL for taking on something like this, especially so soon after the whole story hit.

For those who aren't aware, here's a quick brief - Trump was caught talking on tape, bantering with Access Hollywood host Billy Bush (who's related to George W. Bush, by the way) about sexually assaulting women and using his celebrity status to do so, approximately eleven years ago. Trump was 59 at the time, he's 70 now.

Anyway, the tapes appear to have pretty much entirely derailed his campaign and many prominent members of the Republican party - which nominated him as their nominee - have pulled their support. Trump made a heavily scripted apology on the topic yesterday, but the hits keep on coming for him.

Last night, SNL and Alec Baldwin's pitch-perfect take on Trump went a step further. Take a look.

If nothing else, this entire election cycle has proven that SNL is still necessary and relevant and that, when they want to, the writer's room can really come up with excellent sketches.

Not only that, Baldwin as Trump really is inspired casting - just like Larry David as Bernie Sanders or Kate McKinnon as Hillary. In a weird way, we sorta don't want this to end because great political satire's hard to come by now that the Colbert Report is finished and the Daily Show's really gone off the boil since Trevor Noah took over.

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