Saturday Night Live returned last night after a few weeks way and wasted no time in taking hilarious digs at some familiar targets.

The sketch opens with Leslie Jones playing a Fox News host that has a ‘Fox News Alert’ that is simply ‘Mexicans’.

She throws it to a press conference where ‘Trump’ is addressing the media with leaders of the Baltic States, one of which is played by Kate McKinnon.

"Even in the game Monopoly, Baltic Avenue was always my favourite property," says Baldwin before reading a prepared statement to prove that he "can read."

At one point, when McKinnon is talking, Trump's mind begins to wander- "Oh my god, I'm already so bored," says his internal monologue. “I wish I was watching Roseanne. How great is that show? Roseanne loves me. She's like a good Rosie O'Donnell."

As soon as she had finished he said- “Thank you for that great speech, and by the way, your hair is insane."

The sketch ends with him hallucinating a giant rabbit and concluding that he was in a Donnie Darko type situation.

It’s one of the better SNL/Trump sketches and you can check it out in full here:

Via: YouTube