SNL really has been a roll with its coverage / satire of the US Presidential Election.

Bringing in Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump was nothing short of a masterstroke and it's been paying off for them with some excellent sketches this season. Last week saw a pitch-perfect p*ss-take of Trump's non-apology apology for the Access Hollywood tape, whereas this week covers the US Presidential Debate.

As you can imagine, they take on all the highlights of the debate - Ken Bone turning out to be a creep, Trump following Clinton around like the thing from It Follows, the fact that Trump can't answer a question when it's put to him - all of it, really.

The US Presidential Election is on November 8th, so we've only got a month left of decent sketches on the show. Soak it up while you can, folks.

Take a look.

Sorta surprised that Baldwin didn't go after the constant sniffing because it was really, really noticeable last week.

Maybe it's too hard to recreate or he's got enough ammo to work up a decent caricature without having to be that specific? Who knows. Either way, Baldwin's Trump has been the highlight of the season so far.


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