Comedian Al Porter is winning lots of praise on social media following his brave appearance on Brendan O'Connor's Cutting Edge last night. 

The Tallaght native spoke openly for the first time about his battle with depression and the stigma that surrounds antidepressants. Porter said he wasn't sure that he was going to talk about his own experience with depression until he arrived in the studio.

"I didn't even tell my Mam until two hours ago" he said. 

He went on to describe the lengths he would go to in keeping his use of antidepressants from his family and the public. 

"I've been hiding them in my house. I've had my friend go and pick them up because I don't want to go in with the prescription. I've had the prescription written to different names than my own."

Porter went on to admit that he never understood the stigma surrounding depression until he suffered it himself. 

"I tell people anything about myself. Every detail like an open book, on stage, radio, newspapers....I couldn't just admit 'yeah, I need those. I need those pills. They're going to keep me balanced.'"

Porter has been winning praise on social media since for his bravery in opening up about his experiences.