Everyone has to start somewhere and although Gordon Ramsay may seem like an arrogant so-and-so now, he earned that arrogance under the tutelage of Michelin Star chef Marco Pierre Whiteback in the eighties.

A clip has emerged from the TV series 'Marco' - which was filmed at the chef's flagship London restaurant Harvey's - known for providing one of the first French quality fine dining experiences to the UK and where White became the youngest chef ever to win two Michelin stars.

Gordan Ramsay worked under Marco for a few years before leaving to work at Aubergine during the mid '90s and then opening his very own restaurant in 1998.

If you head to the 3-minute mark in the clip below, you will see a very sheepish Gordon Ramsay doing a top-notch job of assisting Marco with pasta making, and not a bad word out of him.

Watch below: