Yes, it's fifteen seconds. No, it's no new footage. Yes, we're unreasonably excited about it all.

After it was announced that David Lynch and Showtime patched things up after their short falling-out, the production kicked off for a second time on Twin Peaks' third season.

With casting announcements such as Amanda Seyfried and alleged plot rumours leaking on fan forums, the excitement is slowly building for the return of Lynch's weird television masterpiece.

Have a goo.

We have so many questions, our tiny little minds can't begin to comprehend or function. Did Coop make it out of the Black Lodge? Is that gum we like back in style? Is Annie OK? Who are they going to get to replace BOB now that the original actor is dead?

Is Angelo Baladementi rewriting the theme tune? Did they get ALL the cast back? QUESTIONS, PEOPLE. QUESTIONS.


Via YouTube