So you may have noticed the whole country is currently running around like headless turkeys trying to grab the last of their Christmas presents and making sure that everything about the festive season is just right. Well turns out we should really just relax and put our feet up as it seems that the highlight for most of us on Christmas Day is to sit around and watch TV.

Yep it's true, and you know it is! A survey conducted by OnePoll for Netflix found that for 71% of Irish people, a bit of telly is the best part of Christmas. And sure who doesn't love seeing a shed load of drama unfold on Albert Square or watching Marty Mcfly travel back in time of a Christmas Day?

Betsy Sund of Netflix said, “Christmas is a great time to get the family together, and in front of the TV is still everyone’s favourite place to do it. But the way we watch TV has changed so much in recent years with services Netflix and the advent of tablets meaning that we can watch what we want, where we want- and with who."

And we plan on Betsy!