If you were a big fan of Gillian Anderson, Jamie Dornan (and half the actors in the Ireland) in The Fall, then we're sure you were only too delighted to hear that the show would be coming back for a second series.

There may have been a bit of humming and hawing about that cliffhanger ending of late, but it certainly hasn't stopped some fans from getting rather excited about Season 2, and everyone's been wondering when it will return.

Well, as per RadioTimes.com, we'll actually be waiting until the end of 2014 for any sort of resolution. Yep, y'see Gillian is a rather busy gal, so she ain't got time for that until January 2014 at the earliest. It may sound a little far off, but co-producers BBC have confirmed it, so that's that.

We guess we'll just have to get our Jamie Dornan fix elsewhere so... At least we've got Love/Hate to look forward to in the Autumn.