This has got to be the most liberal use of the word 'celebrity' we've ever seen.

It might just be us and the fact that we're woefully out of touch with Z-list celebrities, but we genuinely have only heard of two, maybe three people on this supposed list for Celebrity Big Brother 2016.

Here's the list that allegedly leaked online: 

Nancy Dell'Olio - a former lawyer who became well-known as the ex-wife of Sven Goran Eriksson, the former England manager.

David Gest - that alien-looking dude who was married to Liza Minelli for five minutes.

Christopher Maloney - that guy who kept singing about his Granny on X-Factor.

Gemma Collins - TOWIE, apparently? Not a clue.

Angie Bowie - Nope. Got nothing.

Kristina Rihanoff - Daniel O'Donnell's dance partner in Strictly Come Dancing.

Megan McKenna - No idea.

Stephanie Davis - Was in Hollyoaks once.

John Partridge - Used to be in Eastenders.

Scotty T - Geordie Shore. Now turns up at shit nightclubs.

Jerry McConnell - He was Mr. Ireland and he's riddled in tattoos. Also, there's a thing called Mr. Ireland.

Winston McKenzie - He was a boxer and stood in UK elections for UKIP, the anti-European party ran by Nigel Farage.

Darren Day - An actor, seemingly.

Jonathan Cheban - He's friends with Kim Kardashian. That's basically it.

Tiffany Pollard - Nope, no idea.

Daniella Westbrook - She was in EastEnders.


Yeah, so we've basically no idea who any of those people are. Of course, there may be a few changes here and there to the list, but the last time Celebrity Big Brother was on, the leaked list was basically the same thing.

We'll know if the list is correct this Tuesday when CBB kicks off with its annual live episode. We'll be hate-watching it for the whole series so you don't have to.

Will you be tuning in this year? Are you into pain? Let us know in the comments!


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