Vogue Williams presents Channel 4's new vanity-based TV show 'Send Nudes: Body SOS'. The show is the modern answer to some reality show lovers' favourites like 'The Swan' or '10 Years Younger'. Instead of immediately going under the knife, contestants view changes to their bodies via an avatar and face a jury vote on the best version of their body.

Where 2000s makeover shows often perpetuated a singular image and body type, 'Send Nudes; Body SOS' is surprisingly wholesome and inclusive. The show celebrates body diversity and feeling comfortable with the skin you're in; no matter what shape or size you are.

It also shows a lot of skin á la 'Naked Attraction', so if you're interested in watching, brace yourself for seeing everything. Let's take a look at the reaction to the show online.

A brief synopsis of episode one.

After the 'Married At First Sight UK' some people got quite a shock.

People are not impressed.

But other people praise the reality of the show.

Some people even reckon that there's a crossover between two reality shows.

Watch 'Send Nudes: Body SOS' now on All 4.