Vogue Williams' documentary series has been picked up for another season by RTE and was recently sold to TLC, where she'll be joining such documentary specials as Breaking Amish, Say Yes To The Dress and Sister Wives.

Which is about polygamy. Right so.

Vogue's new series of her doing things will break new boundaries and, in an Irish television first, she will take psychoactive drugs on camera. That's right, the former Fade Street is going to be off her face on either LSD, ketamine or whatever they can obtain legally.

"It was never my thing, but we are going to do it for the show as we are looking at addiction - my mother is going to be delighted I’m sure," said Williams in a recent interview. That strikes us as a bit odd as psychoactive drugs typically aren't addictive, so why would taking them be about addiction? Who knows.

Of course, this isn't the first time psychoactive drugs have been done on-air in Irish broadcasting. The Rubberbandits' Blindboy Boatclub famously took yokes - which were obtained legally through a legal loophole - whilst being interviewed by Tom Dunne on Newstalk.

What's more, Channel 4 ran a series of live drug tests in 2012 where presenters and personalities, such as Jon Snow (the journalist, not the lad who knows nothing), took MDMA whilst under the supervision of medical professionals.

However, when asked about the details of the show and what precisely Vogue Williams will be taking, RTÉ reported in a statement that the details have not been finalised.


Via Sunday World