Imagine 'First Dates' but, instead of meeting a potential partner, you're meeting someone you're probably going to be at loggerheads with.

'Eating with my Enemy' begins on Virgin Media One this week, which is a brand new social experiment series with a difference. We've had the opportunity of watching the first episode, and here's a rundown of what you can expect.

What happens when a Drag Queen and a priest walk into a restaurant and share a meal together? Well, we're about to find out. This thought-provoking new series will pit two members of the Irish public, who have opposing opinions, against each other in a rather intense discussion.

'Eating with the Enemy' is all about getting the country talking again, and seeing what will happen if we're sat opposite a person who, on paper, we wouldn't normally get along with.

In the first episode, we'll see a member of the clergy sit down with a Drag Queen and discuss all types of topics - including 'RuPaul's Drag Race'. Well-known Dublin businessman Mattress Mick will be talking about the Government with his eating partner, while another pairing will see an Irish Trump supporter meet his match with his dinner guest. This final pairing provides the most intense coupling of the night.

The series is narrated by 'Father Ted' and 'Shameless' actor Pauline McLynn, and she'll be talking us through each new dinner guest as they arrive into the restaurant.

Two experts in the field of psychology will oversee the series. Clinical Psychologist and author Dr. Malie Coyne, and family Psychotherapist and author Richard Hogan will provide information to the audience on how these stressful encounters impact on how human beings interact and react. 

In the end, the aim of the series is simple: to get people talking. Many of these people might never get the opportunity to interact with their dinner partner - or may never have wanted to. Hopefully the series will make people think more about their values and opinions, and what, if any, knock-on effect they could have on someone from a different Irish community.

Here's the trailer for 'Eating with the Enemy', which begins on Virgin Media One at 9 PM on Wednesday, March 3. The episode will also be available on catch up via the Virgin Media Player.