Running from 1986 - 1990, the original Miami Vice TV series followed two undercover detectives teaming up to solve crime in the Florida city. Although the concept of the show was nothing original, it stood out from its competitors because of its use of music and visual effects, and the impact the show had on men's fashion.

The series has been rebooted once before as a film, but network NBC is now trying to bring it back to television screens. Deadline report that the project has been in the works since last year, with the Fast and Furious team of Vin Diesel and Chris Morgan set to produce. There's no word yet on casting or a production start date.

While the Fast and Furious films often get slated, they are hugely successful and have made millions of dollars worldwide. With the right cast involved, this could have potential. It will be interesting to see if they set the series in the 80s or try to update it to reflect contemporary Miami.