'The Irish Revolution' follows the extraordinary story of Ireland's difficult path to independence from Britain. Last night RTÉ aired the first episode in the three-part series of documentaries, narrated by Cillian Murphy, which marks the centenary of the Irish War of Independence.

The documentary series is produced in 4K HD and uses rarely seen archive footage as well as first hand witness accounts. 'The Irish Revolution' also features 3-D CGI mapping, dramatic visuals and contributions by the nation's finest writers and historians. While the centuries before the Rising are also discussed, 'The Irish Revolution' mainly focuses on the period between 1916 to 1922.

It explores how the Irish rebels drew heavily on the revolutionary spirit that swept the world in the first years of the 20th century, revealing the remarkable events that forced Britain’s hand. It also looks at the far reaching impact of Ireland's independence, causing millions around the world to rise up and demand their right to equality and freedom.

Safe to say, viewers were very impressed with 'The Irish Revolution' as well as the narrating skills of Cillian Murphy:

'The Irish Revolution' continues next Monday on RTÉ One at 9.35pm.