"Put Lisa McGee's face on money. That was sublime."

The 'Derry Girls' hour-long special aired last night, portraying a final look at the five girlies one year on from the Halloween night out, which aired on Tuesday night.

The catch-up happened during an extremely pivotal time for Northern Ireland, and Irish and English politics in general, as the public prepared to vote in the Good Friday Agreement referendum of 1998.

The other big occurrence was, of course, the planning of Erin and Orla's joint (but three months apart) 18th birthdays, which was also happening on the same night as Jenny Joyce's celebrations. While Jenny was going for a "Hollywood glam" affair, the cousins decided on the interesting pairing of inspirational writers and, er, monkeys.

Michelle and Erin also had a brief falling out over Michelle's brother, but the pair patched things up after the latter infiltrated Jenny's party to see what all of the fuss was about. Clare eventually made an appearance with the gang, bringing the party to Erin and Orla's shindig, and everyone had a final hurrah before heading to the polling station for the final moments of the season.

And with that, after three seasons and 19 episodes, the Lisa McGee comedy series concluded with a parting shot of Chelsea ("flaky") Clinton finally receiving the girls' handwritten letter from season two's finale.

Here are just a pick of some of the heartwarming reactions viewers had to last night's 'Derry Girls' hour-long special.