Riddle me cynical, but Robbie Hance off last night's X Factor is the most well kept looking homeless I've ever clapped eyes on. His teeth are impeccable. And I'd swear he's had his eyebrows done. Put it this way, if he looked like your average homeless he wouldn't have gained entry to the auditorium.

Well, that'll teach me to fall for stereotypes. 26-year-old Robbie's all-important back story goes as follows: he was taken into care aged 13 after his mother, who had to work three jobs to keep her family afloat, couldn't look after him anymore. He didn't gel with any of his foster families, and has been sleeping in doorways or intermittently kipping on friends' floors for over a decade. Most people in his position would either be dead or buggered on drugs. Most people who look like him have carved careers as model/actors.

Since dazzling judges and people at large last night with a rendition of  Damien Rice's coconut skins, Robbie has apparently "gone missing." Someone speaking to The Mirror had this to say on the matter: "He’s a fantastic artist and he blew everyone away at auditions. He doesn’t have a phone and the only point of contact was through a friend. Producers last spoke to him on Monday but they can no longer reach his friend and have no idea where he is. It’s a real worry. If he doesn’t get in touch by the end of next week, then he’d have to kiss goodbye to any part in the show, which would be a tragedy." Yep, that would be the big tragedy.