We don't know if Adele was even being serious when she said she'd go for a Beyonce style HBO documentary after Skyfall scooped the Oscar for Best Original Song on Sunday, but that hasn't stopped the TV studios from preparing for all out war, apparently.

As per The Mirror, and just about every other news source on d'internet, the US TV stations are only dying to get their paws on the rights to her story. A supposed 'US Insider' apparently told the paper that the stations see snapping up the Skyfall songstress as a "major coup".

"Adele hasn’t done any major interviews for a long time. She has never spoken in depth about her relationship with partner Simon Konecki or the birth of her son Angelo", the unnamed source said, pointing out the blatantly obvious. And no, we don't even know if that's her son's name.

We're finding this whole thing rather hilarious, because as we said above, we're not quite sure Adele was even serious. Sure haven't we got a totally different sense of humor on this side of the Atlantic? I highly doubt winning an Oscar would be enough to convince the notoriously private star that it's time to bare all.

One thing we do think The Mirror have right is their suggestion that she'd talk about her life with Channel 4's Alan Carr. Adele's great buds with the Chatty Man, having appeared on his show back in 2011. If she's going to tell anyone anything, surely it'd have to be him, right?

She may have taken CBS on a tour of her home last year, but bringing her fella and her babba into the limelight? Now that's a whole different kettle of fish...