While many folk may claim to be a hardcore fan of The Simpsons, would you really be up for the challenge of watching every single episode, one after the other, for twelve days? Well, it's happening, and in America too, which means some mad b*stard will actually do that.

According to The Associated Press, the television network FXX will begin showing the episodes on the 21st August, and they will play right through to Labour Day, or as we call it here this side of the pond... eh, September 1st. The stunt coincides with the network's recent licensing of the series, which cost an estimated $500 million last year.

All this Simpsons fanfare recently is to mark the show's 25th season, which is currently airing in the states. It doesn't seem like our favourite animated family is going anywhere any time soon either, with plenty of stories already lined up for its 26th season, including the killing off of a major character, as well as an episode written by film producer Judd Apathow twenty years ago, which is currently under production. The producer sent it in at a time when he was posting scripts all over tinsel town trying to catch a break - it will feature a hypnotist convincing Homer that he is a 10-year-old. Sounds fairly promising!