Freaky screaming frogs, dubstep loving pitbulls, stealth kitties, couch scaling babies, people near maiming himself, and the usual array of cunning stunts… it's only series 5 of Uploaded, which kicks off tonight on 3e at 11pm.

Whether it's saxophone humping, drunken celebrities or just people getting hurt in hilarious ways, the internet has become a haven for the most bizarre things ever caught on film and Uploaded is here to bring you the best of it. With only 30 minutes to bring you all of the best clips that the internet has to offer, be prepared for a jam-packed helping of world-wide weirdness.

Our personal favourites include anything involving American news anchors repeatedly saying "pick a dick" on air. And anything involving wily cats, or course. The only thing we didn't enjoy were those two tw*ts singing about being 'hawt'. Have the mute button at the ready for that bit tonight, it's a very unwelcome ear worm.