UPC will be hoping to compete with Netflix when they launch their very own on demand streaming service in Ireland this February. Streaming is all the rage now after all, even Kevin Spacey knows that.

They have described the service as 'similar to Netflix with all the benefits but without the extra monthly cost.' Although saying that, they have also announced price increases to their services recently by as much as 10%, so UPC subscribers will be paying for it one way or another it seems.

The new service, called My Prime, does sound pretty impressive though, offering 'thousands of films and series' that can be viewed on a television, smartphone, tablet or laptop. UPC have said it will be a 'significant enhancement' to its current on demand service.

We'll be the judge of that UPC! Although they have already launched the service in Switzerland where the likes of The Good Wife, Scandal and Magic Mike are available to view, which doesn't sound half bad now, does it?