It's rather difficult to get attention for a TV channel these days, what with the billions of 'em now available on tellybox thanks to Digital TV, but UKTV has certainly managed to drum up a bit of publicity for its new Drama channel by plonking a rather large and wet Mr Darcy in the middle of London's Hyde Park.

The 12 foot sculpture, which is based on Colin Firth's Darcy, emerged from the depths of the Serpentine this morning, without a single stain on his rather large and wet white shirt. It's a clever move on the channel's part, given that the rather memorable scene from the 1995 miniseries was recently voted the best EVER moment in British drama. We're sure Darren and Nidge could give him a run for his money though, wha?

"The giant Mr Darcy in The Serpentine is a fitting tribute to one of the most memorable moments in British TV drama" said Adrian Wills, General Manager of the brand new channel. "Jane Austen spent a lot of time walking in Hyde Park and along the banks of the Serpentine so we would like to think she would have approved of our new dashing Darcy."

Don't all go running to London at once now though, because the sculpture will be heading off to Scarborough before permanently settling at Lyme Park in Cheshire, where Colin actually emerged from the water. Swoon.