Bad news, everybody.

The hit FX comedy show is doing a Curb Your Enthusiasm and going on an 'extended hiatus'. The news was announced during the annual Television Critics' Association by FX president John Landgraf who said that Louis CK is "anxious to take a break from the show and work on other things."

It's not all bad news, however.

CK's name is continuously cropping up major films. The award-winning comedian turned up in two Oscar-winning dramas, American Hustle and Blue Jasmine, and it's understood he'll be doing more film work from here on out.

The Secret Life of Pets will see CK in a leading role and he's writing-directing I'm A Cop, his first film in 15 years since the Chris Rock-starring oddity Pooty Tang.

CK was fired during the post-production of Pooty Tang, however he has said he's learned from his mistakes since then. 

I'm A Cop sees a depressed middle-aged volunteer cop, played by Louis CK, living in the shadows of his highly-decorated police officer mother. When she dies suddenly, he's forced to join the police force despite the fact it's something he never wanted.

It's heavy stuff, but when you consider how brilliantly Louie blended weighty, angsty storylines with off-the-wall humour, you know it's going to work.

As well as this, Louis is also working as a producer on Zach Galifinakis' new TV comedy, Baskets, and will also serve as a producer on Better Things, another TV comedy series with Louie regular Pamela Adlon.

It's a bit annoying to not have any more Louie for a few years, but if we're getting all this in the interim, it'll hopefully be worth it.


Via Collider