You know, I'm not sure we know how good we have it with those U2 boyos. The fellas sold countless albums, have fans all over the world, have just won a Golden Globe, and they've only gone and been nominated for an Oscar as well. On top of ALL that, they are set to be Jimmy Fallon's first guests on his late night show, when the host takes over from the retiring Jay Leno next month.

The Tonight Show is up there with The Late Late for a country's longest running talk show, being on the air since 1954. Past presenters have included Johnny Carson, Steve Allen and Conan O' Brien.

Jimmy Fallon said about the show; "It should be goofy and funny and make people laugh. That's our job. ...I wish [former hosts] Steve Allen and Johnny Carson were still around to see what we're going to do with the show."

Well, now he has U2 on board it should help kick things off in style, maybe they will give him a Harley Davidson motor bike? Perhaps that type of honour is only reserved for the Gay Byrne's of the world though.

Other guests on the show so far include actor Will Smith, and it will be aired in he U.S on February 17th.

Hopefully the lip-syncing contest will still be part of the show!